Car Covers - Good or Bad?

So begins the depressing time of year when you put your car away for its winter hibernation....But do you put a car cover on it, or leave it open?  While it seems like the obvious choice is to cover it, that is not necessarily the best choice in all situations.  If you have a nice CLEAN and soft car cover, I would use it.  There are a few things to do before you cover it. 1. CLEAN YOUR CAR.  You wouldn't put away your summer clothes without washing them, why would you do anything less with your car.  Cleaning it also ensures that you don't drag any dirt over the vehicle causing scratches.  2. MAKE SURE THE COVER IS CLEAN.  If your cover was in a heap in the garage or attic for the last 8-10 months, its probably not clean.  Do yourself and your car a favor and wash it.  3.  GET HELP PUTTING THE COVER ON.  The more you drag the cover around the car adjusting it and fitting it right, the more scratches.  I get the same questions EVERY spring - How did these scratches get there, they weren't there when I put the cover on?  The last thing I will say is, just because the car is covered with a nice soft cloth, doesn't mean it is a table.  Every year I get calls about buffing cars with slight scratches where boxes were put on the car.  It's a car, not a shelf.  If your car is in a garage that doesn't see to much action in the winter, I would always suggest to leave it uncovered unless you have a very soft indoor cover and give it a quick spray wax or quick detailer wipe down once every week of two.  Unfortunately most do not have a garage or a schedule that allows for that.  So if you use a car cover, follow the steps above to help lessen any minor scratching and remember, spring is only a few months away!