Additional Detailing Services

Headlight Restoration:

We Sand the headlights with a high grit sandpaper and polish them out to a new clear finish - Typically $50.00 - $75.00

Fluid Fill up and Wiper Check

We Check the Windshield washer fluid and ensure that the windshield wipers are all in good, streak-free condition, and replace if necessary.  As well as a tire pressure check.  Price is based on fluid use and wiper costs.

De-badging and Badge Application

Whether you want your vehicles badges or emblems removed, or you need new ones put on, give us a call today.  Price done by vehicle

Paint Touch Up

Paint touch up is a fine art and can usually be done at a very high level, so long as the touch up paint is a good match (more common problem than you would think!) Price based per scratch

Product Info or Suggestions

Whether you don't know what to use, or just have a question about a certain product you are using.  There is not much we have not tried/tested throughout the years.  We used to own a large online product re seller as well.  Give us a call today with any questions