Hand Wash and Quick Sealant

Sometimes you don't need a full exterior detail and just want your car washed and waxed in between.  This service is perfect for you!  We do a full 100% hand wash (2 bucket system of course) followed by the application of a sealant.  We use a sealant rather than a carnauba wax because it lasts significantly longer under similar conditions.  The process is outlined below.

Wash And Sealant

  • Wash wheels (barrel and surface) and Clean Tires
  • treat the lower portions of the car including front bumper to remove any stuck on bugs
  • Hand wash entire vehicle with a pH neutral wash
  • Rinse entire vehicle
  • Dry vehicle including blowing out all cracks and seals
  • Apply Acrylic sealant (typically lasts 2-4 months)
  • Quick interior Vacuum
  • Exterior/interior Windows Cleaned

*Add an extra coating of Sonax Polymer net shield for $25.00 for an additional 2-4 months of protection (4-8 months total depending on how the car is treated)