Our Exterior details are what we are best known for. Our finished results of a standard exterior detail are better than what most shops do with a paint correction step.  That is because unlike most detailers, our first step of polish is done without the use of glazes or waxes, so we are physically removing scratches, rather than just trying to hide them.  The polishing step is when you truly bring out the shine of the car, not with waxes and sealants.  After the polishing step we apply a sealant or coating ( typically Sonax Polymer Net Shield)  followed by a coat of Acrylic Sealant or Carnauba Wax depending on the customers preference or the cars need (Sealant is typical for daily drivers, carnauba wax for the weekend cruisers or cars not driver often)  An Outline of the Entire Exterior Detailing process is outlined below

Step 1:  The Prep

What most detailers will do is simply wash the vehicle and apply wax.  High End detailing requires you to follow a very strict set of steps to ensure only the finest results are achieved.

  • Cleaning the wheel surface and barrel, tires and wheel wells
  • Removing any bug, tar and sap residue
  • Cleaning all door jambs
  • Clean exhaust tips
  • Top side engine cleaning
  • Brush out all cracks and crevasses
  • Pre-Wash
  • Full Clay Bar
  • Re-Wash
  • Drying using compressed air to remove all water from body lines and seals

    Step 2: The Exterior

    The Exterior is what we are most known for.  Our exterior Polishing and finished results with a regular detail are what many detail shops consider paint correction

    • Polishing all paint surfaces
    • application of paint sealant or coating
    • Application of Carnauba wax or additional sealant
    • removal of all wax and sealant residue
    • Application of tire shine and treating all plastic with UV protecting coating

    -All Exterior Details Include a Quick Interior Vacuum-