Interior detailing is a fine art.  We take the time to go through everything in the vehicles interior to bring it back to its factory fresh feel.  So many detailers wipe off the dash and throw a shiny, greasy coating on all the surfaces and send the car down the road.  We take our time and clean everything before conditioners and protectants are applied.  Our coating that we apply to the dash and all none leather surfaces is a matte finishing product so there is NO SHINE, just that clean factory look.  Leather Surfaces are treated with a conditioner and then gone over with the same product we use on the dash so that there is no greasy residue on the seats.  We use Leatherique, Chemical Guys and Sonax products on the interior of the vehicle.  An outline of our interior process can be found below.

Interior Detail

Interior details are aimed at bringing your cars back to its factory new look

The Interior Includes

  • Deep Cleaning of all plastic and leather surfaces
  • Using compressed air to remove debris from in between the seats and carpet grooves
  • Carpet scrubbing and thorough vacuum
  • Conditioning leather surfaces
  • UV Protection coating and anti static dressing on plastic and vinyl surfaces (no shine)
  • Spray Waxing Chrome, wood, and gauges
  • Odor Neutralizing Spray (if Necessary)
  • Cleaning Windows